Understand the performance and development framework and Charter

Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework

The framework highlights what is required to build a comprehensive and effective approach to high performance and development. It outlines the characteristics of a successful system and the culture that needs to be in place for sustained improvements to occur in schools.

Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders

The Charter aims to nurture a professional learning culture underpinned by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and Australian Professional Standard for Principals and alongside the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework.

Performance and development support

To support implementation of the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework AITSL has produced workshop presentations to help school leaders and teachers unpack the Framework, reflect on their own school context, and to plan further development.

See our resources to help with performance and development support below. 


Encourage performance and development

Performance and development is about creating a culture of teacher quality, feedback and growth for all teachers within all schools.

The quality of teaching is the most significant in-school factor affecting student outcomes, and there is strong evidence that better appraisal and feedback leading to targeted development can improve teacher performance. The Performance and Development culture and cycle resources support each component of the performance and development cycle. They will help you engage with the performance and development opportunities at your school.

See our Introduction to Engaging in P&D video and resources below. 

Develop a learning culture

Understand how to establish a learning culture and support the professional growth of staff in your school in our Leadership Scenario New role, new learning culture.

The Leadership Scenarios draw on real-life experiences to develop strategies for common challenges new principals face.

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