Many experienced overseas teachers in Australia on short-term visas such working holiday visas, work casually through teaching agencies or on temporary contracts with schools and early childhood settings.

If you have decided that Australia is the place for you and are wanting to obtain a visa as a skilled migrant, you will need an AITSL skills assessment.

I recommend trying to connect with other teachers, especially those from other countries who have migrated to Australia. I would also advise anyone considering migrating to plan ahead as you can complete most of the process while you are still overseas. Most of all have fun, try different educational settings and broaden your experience.
Marianna - Scotland

Become a registered teacher

To work in Australia as a teacher, you must also register with the Teacher Registration Authority of the specific state or territory.

Information on becoming a registered teacher in Australia can be found on the become a registered teacher page.

Registration may not be a requirement for employment as an early childhood teacher (ECTs) in all locations, but it is a requirement under some state and territory legislation. It is also important to note that individual employers may specify higher qualification requirements (for example, a four-year ECT degree) as part of their employment policy.


Finding a job

There are many ways to find a teaching job in Australia. Schools advertise positions on popular job boards which can be accessed through a web search or social media. Alternatively, you may wish to register with a teaching agency.

For more information about making the move and finding a job in Australia, please see our links page.