At AITSL, we believe that student learning comes first. We're committed to improving teacher expertise. 

We build strong leadership in schools and ensure everyone in education has a positive impact on student learning in the classroom.

We work with governments, education leaders, teacher education providers and the profession to ensure that quality teaching and effective school leadership is understood, valued and prioritised.

Everything we do at AITSL is backed by evidence and research. By measuring our impact, we ensure our policies, tools and resources have the maximum effect in the classroom.

Our focus

Initial Teacher Education

Quality teaching starts with high quality teacher preparation. We provide support, resources and tools to ensure every pre-service teacher is classroom-ready upon graduation.


We help teachers be the best they can be and provide the tools to maximise their impact of student learning.

School Leadership

We help school leaders become highly-effective by giving them the tools, resources, policies and practices needed to succeed in this important leadership role.

AITSL Statement of Intent

AITSL Chair Laureate Professor John Hattie talks about the new AITSL Statement of Intent.

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Before AITSL, there wasn’t a proper understanding of what an expert teacher looks like. I’m incredibly impressed with what they’ve done.
Profession Forum, 2016 Stakeholder Engagement Research Report

Our statement of intent

Our statement of intent outlines our mission, aspirations, ways of working and areas of focus.
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Work with us

We believe in solutions, not problems. If you have a passion for improving education, join us to make a difference to Australian education