Induction is most effective when it is

Extended Extended over two years Embedded Embedded in daily practice Practice-focused Practice-focused to develop pedagogical skills

Support beginning teachers with the My Induction app.

The My Induction app is a great resource to supplement the induction of beginning teachers. The app lets teachers access valuable resources to use alongside existing forms of induction support.

Use the app to ignite professional conversations with a beginning teacher.

  • Access a wide range of resources, tips, advice and a wellbeing tracker tailored for the learning needs of new teachers
  • Use the app alongside other AITSL tools and resources
  • Free to download and use

Read the supporting guide to get tips on how best to use the app to guide beginning teachers.

Support new teachers

Read the induction guidelines

Our induction guidelines are an excellent starting point for rethinking induction in your school. Based on research, the guidelines outline the most effective forms of support for beginning teachers. So you can gain the latest insights when developing, managing, delivering and evaluating induction programs for beginning teachers.
Support new teachers

View induction case studies

Gain valuable insight into how other teachers and school leaders have implemented effective induction approaches in their education settings. Our videos and case studies provide valuable insights to implement in your school.

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