National Certified Teacher Month - March 2018

March 2018 is dedicated to recognising and celebrating how great teachers make a difference across Australia through National Certified Teacher Month.

An online Champion Toolkit is available for anyone wanting to get involved as well as a customisable poster for you to share your NCTM event details.

NTCM Champion Toolkit

About the Network

The Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) Network is the first of its kind in Australia, bringing together all teachers nationally certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead.

This new professional network enables certified teachers to develop expertise with like-minded colleagues from across Australia and work together to share their collective expertise with the broader profession.

The HALT Network will focus on advancing teacher quality across Australia to improve outcomes for all young people.

To achieve this, the Network will initially focus on the following priorities:

  • raising the profile of, and promoting the value of certification
  • increasing the number of nationally certified teachers
  • supporting the induction of beginning teachers to the profession, and
  • showcasing and sharing high quality teaching to inspire other teachers to progress to the Highly Accomplished or Lead career stages.

The Network is a new initiative, and AITSL acknowledges that as members take ownership of the Network, purpose and priorities may change.

If you are a nationally certified teacher, you can now register for the HALT Summit 2018.

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Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network

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Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network

HALT Summit 2018

Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network

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Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network

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