Thinking about migrating to Australia to teach, or have you already migrated here and need to know more about teaching in Australia? Then we encourage you to explore our new resources. These resources are designed to support you in your Australian teaching journey. Our comprehensive guides will help you better understand Australia’s education system and give you practical tips for finding employment.

Gain confidence, navigate complexities, and contribute to the Australian education system. Set yourself up for success - Your journey starts here so explore now!

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Thinking of teaching in Australia – check out our guide which will introduce you to the Australian education system and classrooms.
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Do you want to secure employment as a teacher in Australia – check out our guide which will step you through what you need to know.

Australia’s education system is considered one of the best in the world. Australian teachers take pride and satisfaction in what they do and contribute to the wellbeing and success of future generations.

As the professional body for Australian teachers, we are here to support you in every step of your teaching career. Whether you’re an experienced overseas teacher, or just starting out, we have evidence-based tools and resources to support you as a teacher.

We have an excellent education system, with good working conditions for teachers. You have a lot of flexibility towards what kind of teacher you want to be, not just primary or secondary, but as a specialist, language teacher, or in a supported education setting.
Leon - Principal