What is a teaching performance assessment?

A teaching performance assessment (TPA) is a tool used to assess the practical skills and knowledge of pre-service teachers. Pre-service teachers collect evidence of practice to complete a TPA in the final year of their initial teacher education program. It is assessed by ITE providers and is a requirement for graduation.

All teaching performance assessments developed by ITE providers have been reviewed and endorsed by the expert advisory group


Operational principles

This document sets out the principles of operation for teaching performance assessment services provided by AITSL to support the development and implementation of teaching performance assessments in Australia.

Fact Sheets

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Examples of teaching performance assessments

The Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA)

The GPTA is led by the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education, as part of a collective of HEIs and expert teacher educators in a range of ITE courses across the country.

The Assessment for Graduate Teaching (AfGT)

The AfGT is a Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) instrument developed and implemented by a consortium of Australian higher education providers that have Initial Teacher Education (ITE) faculties or schools.