Implementation resources for teachers and leaders

AITSL has created a range of resources to help teachers and leaders understand and meet their obligations under the Disability Standards for Education (DSE) 2005. The DSE resources increase clarity with respect to inclusive education practices to ensure students with disability have equal opportunities to access and participate in education on the same basis as students without disability.

Disability Standards for Education (DSE)

In 2005, the Australian Government instituted the DSE under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 to ensure students with disability have fair and equal access to a quality education. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Teacher Standards) make explicit the teaching practices required to support full participation of students with disability. The DSE specify how education is to be made accessible to students with disability, covering the following areas:

  • enrolment
  • participation
  • curriculum development, accreditation, and delivery
  • student support services and
  • elimination of harassment and victimisation.

Whilst Australian teachers and leaders are required to adhere to the DSE and embed the Teacher Standards in their practice, meeting the needs of students with disability can be a complex process.

Disability Standards for Education

Teacher Resources

Access videos and associated resources that unpacks how to cater for the diverse educational needs of students with disability with reference to the DSE and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.
Disability Standards for Education

Leader Resources

Access leadership guidance resources to better support implementation of the DSE with reference to the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.