We are working towards a vision for an education system that is more culturally inclusive and responsive, and that values and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and living cultures.  

AITSL worked collaboratively and consulted with the profession, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education experts, students, families, and communities to develop a professional learning toolkit. The toolkit provides resources to support the intercultural development of teachers to enhance their culturally responsive teaching practice.  

To begin your professional learning, you might like to access the intercultural development self-reflection tool as a starting point, then explore the intercultural development continuum and intercultural development capability framework for more information.


Intercultural development self-reflection tool

Use this tool to reflect on your self-awareness of worldviews, assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, and biases in relation to personal identity and culture.

Intercultural development continuum

The continuum provides a shared language and understanding of intercultural development while reflecting the non-linear process of building cultural responsiveness.

Intercultural development capability framework

Learn more about your current stage of intercultural development and find recommended actions to support your ongoing learning, so that you can improve your teaching practice.

Building a culturally responsive Australian teaching workforce report

Finding and recommendations

This report calls for institutional action at the school, system, sector and national level, supporting teachers to enhance and enrich their practice and to maximise student outcomes by developing their intercultural responsiveness.

The development of this report

AITSL reviewed the evidence and partnered with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education experts and the profession to develop this report with guidance from the Advisory Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education (AGATSIE), and in consultation with the teaching profession, students, families, and communities.

AITSL acknowledges their generous input to the report and the important body of work it represents and is grateful for the opportunity to have learned from them throughout the course of this project.