Finding and recommendations 

There is a real opportunity to ensure Australian classrooms are places where all students feel safe to develop their identities, interests, and dreams. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, this means co-creating education programs and facilitating greater student agency. Teachers, school leaders, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities recognise this and want to work together to ensure classrooms work for every learner.

This report calls for institutional action at the school, system, sector and national level, supporting teachers to enhance and enrich their practice and to maximise student outcomes by developing their intercultural responsiveness.

The development of this report

AITSL reviewed the evidence and partnered with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education experts and the profession to develop this report with guidance from the Advisory Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education (AGATSIE), and in consultation with the teaching profession, students, families, and communities.

AITSL acknowledges their generous input to the report and the important body of work it represents and is grateful for the opportunity to have learned from them throughout the course of this project.

This work built on input from:

400+ stakeholders who joined online forums, representing education systems and sectors in every state and territory, Indigenous education experts, and young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

87 submissions to Indigenous Cultural Competency in the Australian Teaching Workforce – Discussion Paper released in September 2020.

120 experts who joined us for the National Dialogue in May 2021, responding to the Indigenous cultural competency in the Australian teaching workforce - Progress Report.