Understand the three lenses

The Profiles are arranged for school leaders to view through three leadership lenses.

Professional Practice 

The Professional Practices lens organises the Profiles through five focus areas, described at increasing levels of proficiency. The focus areas are:

  • Leading teaching and learning
  • Developing self and others
  • Leading improvement, innovation and change
  • Leading the management of the school
  • Engaging and working with the community

Leadership Requirements

The Leadership Requirements lens organises the Profiles through three focus areas, described at increasing levels of proficiency. The focus areas are:

  • Vision and values
  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Personal qualities, social and interpersonal skills

Leadership Emphasis

How you operate as a school leader depends on more than just your experience. The Leadership Emphasis lens organises the Profiles into four focuses. Each focus describes a school leader's actions as they lead with an operational, relational, strategic or systemic emphasis. The emphasis a school leader chooses to apply in their practice reflects their career stage, capability and context.

  • Operational
  • Relational
  • Strategic
  • Systemic

Resources to help with the Profiles

Interactive Leadership Profiles

Our interactive Leadership Profiles are a tool for current and aspiring school leaders.

Learn more about your current leadership practice, view a developmental pathway to grow your leadership and connect to resources that will support your work.

Use the Leadership Reflection Tool

The Leadership Reflection Tool assists current and aspiring principals to locate their practice within the Leadership Profiles

teachers in classroom

Leadership Reflection Tool

Profiles in Action - Hear the buzz from the profession

Discover people putting the Profiles into action for self-reflection, professional learning, selection and recruitment, talent development, performance review and more.

Introducing the Leadership Profiles workshop

The Introducing the Leadership Profiles workshop is a set of PowerPoint slides and a Facilitator’s Guide designed to assist school and system leaders to introduce the Profiles to their team/s. 

All the information needed to deliver an informative workshop that familiarises participants with the detail and potential of the Profiles, including the online interactive Leadership Profiles is provided.


Introducing the Leadership Profiles workshop

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