Getting the best from your teachers

A principals’ guide to national teacher certification

This guide provides information to help principals and their school leaders to understand and support national teacher certification.

Getting the best from your teachers
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Why choose certification?

Achieving Highly Accomplished or Lead teacher certification is a milestone in your career. Teachers applying for certification will use the Highly Accomplished or Lead career stages of the Teacher Standards to critically reflect on their own practice and the impact they have on their students and colleagues. HALT certification demonstrates leadership and commitment to excellence in teaching. It can help you progress professionally and gain valuable recognition for your skills, while allowing you to continue teaching.

HALT Q&A Series

Luke Donnelly

Luke Donnelly

Principal, Lead

Merrilyn Krohn

Teacher, Highly Accomplished

Manitha Badasie

EAL/D Specialist, Highly Accomplished


Our network of HALT certified teachers are leading the future of education, today.

Understand your impact on colleagues and students

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Find your certifying authority

National teacher certification is managed and implemented by certifying authorities in participating states and territories. To find out more about applying for national teacher certification in your state or territory, contact your certifying authority.
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Download the guide to certification

Reaching HALT status requires serious commitment to your profession. The guide to certification explores the elements required for your application and your responsibilities during the certification process.
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Be part of the HALT Network

The HALT Network brings together all teachers certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead around Australia. By connecting experienced teachers, it facilitates the sharing of ideas, resources and knowledge and creates better outcomes for the future of education.

Get resources to help with national teacher certification.

Use these resources to help you develop your collection of evidence when you're undertaking national teacher certification through your certifying authority.