Shaping the new Professional Standards for Middle Leaders

Professional Standards for Middle Leaders

Middle leaders play an incredibly important role, making up a large proportion of the leadership workforce in schools.

The Professional Standards for Middle Leaders will:

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Outline what middle leaders know, understand, and do.

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Speak to current and aspiring middle leaders in schools, preschools and kindergartens and those who work with them.

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Provide a common language for professional dialogue and growth.

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Provide the missing link in a leadership developmental continuum for teachers, extending from early career teaching to senior leadership.

Trial in Queensland schools has concluded

We thank the schools who took part in the trial.

AITSL will continue working with the Queensland Department of Education to evaluate the trial findings. The key findings will inform next steps for the Professional Standards for Middle Leaders.

More information will be shared as the project progresses.

Project timeline

Key project milestones to develop and trial the new standards

  • The National Validation process is now complete.

  • The standards have been updated, informed by the validation results.

  • The trial in Queensland schools is now complete.

  • An independent evaluation of the trial data is now underway.

  • The standards will be completed in April 2024.

What is middle leadership?

Middle leaders often hold classroom teaching responsibilities alongside their leadership roles. For some, it is a pathway towards becoming a school principal, for others it is a career goal. Some examples of middle leaders include:

Heads of department

Year level coordinator

Stage coordinator

Head of curriculum

Head of student welfare

Information technology manager

Learning area leader

Which others can you think of?

These professional standards are a tool to provide clarity about effective leadership to help these leaders improve their impact and develop their leadership capacity.

What evidence underpins the draft Standards?

Earlier this year AITSL conducted a systematic literature review and document analysis to inform the development of the draft Professional Standards for Middle Leaders.

AITSL is also drawing on the advice of an expert panel and feedback from key stakeholders to refine each version of the standards.

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