Understand ITE program accreditation

To be recognised as an ITE accredited program, you need to meet strict guidelines. These are called the Accreditation Standards and Procedures.
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Find accredited ITE programs in our database.
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Learn about the ITE accreditation reform

In 2015, the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group made recommendations for reforming initial teacher education. Find out more about the accreditation reform and what it means for your program.
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education

Get valuable Initial Teacher Education resources for improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, both in policy and practice.
Improving ITE

Teaching performance assessment

Learn how we're improving assessment in initial teacher education with the Teaching performance assessment (TPA).
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ATWD ITE Pipeline Report

The first report from the Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) initiative, National Initial Teacher Education Pipeline Report (the ATWD ITE Pipeline Report), was released in November 2020. The ATWD ITE Pipeline Report analyses the characteristics of undergraduate and postgraduate students who are entering, are currently enrolled in or have completed their initial teacher education.