What have we done?

We have developed and set clear expectations about student teacher selection processes. This has been given effect through the revised Accreditation Standards and Procedures, which requires ITE providers to apply selection criteria for all entrants that incorporate both academic and non-academic criteria. This ensures that all providers adopt comprehensive selection processes as well as the publication of this information on their websites.

We have also developed Selection Guidelines that were agreed by all Australian Education Ministers in September 2015.

What's next?

The new requirements apply to all new intakes of students from January 2017. Student teacher applicants are required to demonstrate that they have the academic and non-academic capabilities to develop the skills required to complete their university program and meet the Graduate career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The publication of selection information on university websites helps aspiring teachers and the broader community clearly understand teacher university program entry requirements.

Why focus on selection into initial teacher education programs?

Proper screening ensures that the most suitable candidates are selected to participate in ITE programs. In turn, this will help create a skilled cohort of graduates from the start of their careers.

What will the outcome be? 

While university programs are integral to the development of teachers, rigorous selection plays an important role in ensuring quality teaching. Improved selection processes helps ensure the applicants chosen are well-suited to the teaching profession. Greater transparency in the selection processes and basis of admission used by all ITE providers to select those entering teacher education programs lifts the calibre of entrants attracted to these programs, and the quality of those entering the teaching profession.