Why Choose the Teacher SAT?

Quick, simple and reliable

By taking one 30-minute questionnaire, you can reveal valuable insights into your teaching practice.

Personalised feedback

You'll receive an individual report across every focus area of the Teacher Standards, plus tailored insights to support your professional growth.


The Teacher SAT is based on research and aligns with the Teacher Standards to best support your growth.

Assess yourself against the Teacher Standards

The Teacher SAT has been rigorously tested to ensure it gives you an accurate assessment of where you stand against the Teacher Standards. You can use the test alongside the Teacher Standards to set goals and plan your professional development pathway.

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Want to learn more?

Teacher Self-Assessment Tool Guide

Teacher SAT User Guide

The Teacher Self-Assessment Tool user guide provides you with tips to help you fully use the Teacher SAT and understand your results. It will also help you set up and manage a group.
Teacher Self-Assessment Tool Guide

Taking the Teacher SAT as a group?

The Teacher Self-Assessment Guide for groups provides you with tips for understanding your group results.
Teacher Self-Assessment Tool T & Cs

Teacher SAT Terms and Conditions

Read the Teacher SAT Terms and Conditions and Application Licence to understand more