We can assist migration agents who have clients that intend to apply for a skills assessment and migrate to Australia.

Before lodging an application, please read all information and contact us if you have any questions. Please note: we are unable to provide a pre-assessment service and/or process updates.

Getting started

  • Step: Choose teaching occupation and follow the checklist

    Choose the correct teaching occupation and follow the corresponding checklist on our applying for a skills assessment page.
  • Step: Follow the steps in the application guide

    Please follow the steps outlined in the application guide.
  • Step: Create an agent account

    Create an agent account in the applicant portal.
  • Step: Complete agent authorisation form

    Complete the agent authorisation form which must be signed by your client and upload it to the portal.
  • Step: Complete your client's application through the portal

    Complete and finalise your client's application through the portal. Refer to the applicant portal user guide for the step-by-step process.


  • Only use the applicant’s details in the applicant details section. Do not provide your agent contact and email information.
  • All information must be correct, including using the official names of the applicant, the qualification title, and the complete name of the awarding institution. This will assist in your client receiving a certificate with the correct details.
  • Incomplete or incorrect applications will result in delays for your client.
  • The portal allows you to contact us about your application. Communication through this function ensures a timely response to your questions.
  • All communication about the progress of the application will be sent to you via the portal. It is your responsibility to read all the relevant messages and keep your client informed about the status of their application. We suggest you check the Applicant Portal regularly.