Prepare future leaders

Explore AITSL's five key recommendations for preparing future leaders in Australian schools, and the evidence-based research that informs them.

Pre-appointment principal certification – your questions answered

Pre-appointment principal certification – your questions answered

AITSL is developing a process to better prepare aspiring principals for the principal role - known as pre-appointment principal certification

Evaluate principal preparation programs

Assess and improve your approach to principal preparation with this new framework for professional learning providers, schools and education systems in Australia.

Leadership Scenarios

Drawing on the experiences of real school leaders, these videos, guidebooks and resources provide practical strategies to help new leaders deal with common challenges school leaders face.

360° Reflection Tool

Understand the leadership practice within your team, schools or networks with this comprehensive feedback tool.

Introduce the Leadership Profiles to others

Get access to an easy-to-use workshop with resources designed to introduce the Profiles to your team or schools in a useful and informative way.

See the Profiles in action

Discover how principals, aspiring school leaders and other system leaders use the Profiles to develop leadership within and across schools.