Influence the next generation of high-impact school leaders

Leading for impact: Australian guidelines for school leadership development is essential reading for all principals. It sets out evidence-based guidance to support and improve leadership development across all schools and jurisdictions.

Through identifying and supporting future leaders within your school at all levels to grow and develop, as well as those aspiring to principalship, you are creating an extensive and robust pool of leaders — ensuring better outcomes for students.

The Guidelines are informed by the Australian Professional Standard for Principals, and the Highly Accomplished and Lead career stages of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

They were developed in consultation with the profession and considered best practice inside and outside of education; both within Australia and internationally.

About the guidelines

Ben Johns, School Leadership Team, AITSL

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Summary of key messages

Get an overview of what strong leadership looks like, how it is achieved, and the importance of leadership for teachers, school leaders and principals.



Start at the beginning by understanding why focusing on leadership is fundamentally important to maximising impact on teaching and learning, and how the guidelines can help you do it.


Leadership development

Learn how to build and measure your leadership development strategy, find and develop future leaders, and grow a strong leadership culture.


Preparation and development for the principal role

Understand why principals need specific preparation and support, and how our guidelines are designed to help prepare and develop them so they thrive in their role.


Evidence base

See a complete list of the research and evidence we used to develop the guidelines.