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Understand the Principal Standard

The Australian Professional Standard for Principals sets out what you need to know, understand and do to succeed as a current or aspiring school leader. It's a great framework for improving your own practice, as well as the quality of teaching in your school.

lead & develop

Build your own leadership skills

Even the best leaders are constantly seeking improvement. Our resources can provide you with the direction you need to grow professionally as a principal or school leader.
lead & develop

Support the development of others

Working with colleagues, mentors and school peers is a great way to improve classroom practice both personally and within your school setting. Whether you're looking to induct new teachers, provide one-on-one mentorship or build a culture of constant professional growth in your school, we have the tools and resources you need to develop and coach your team.
lead & develop

Develop leadership structures in schools

Get valuable information, resources and case studies to support current and aspiring school leaders to become great leaders.