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The interactive Leadership Profiles is an interactive online tool that helps you explore the leadership action statements and targeted resources. Select a core focus from the lenses and explore the Leadership Profiles reflecting your practice, and access resources for your professional growth. 

How to use

Step 1
Choose a lens to view the Leadership Profiles, based on the aspect of your leadership you want to focus on. Click (i) for a description of that lens.

Step 2
Drag your chosen focus from the selected lens to the Core focus box.

Step 3
Profiles from the Professional Practices and Leadership Requirements lenses contain leadership actions in four sets. These sets increase in proficiency from top to bottom showing the developmental pathway. Profiles from the Leadership Emphasis lens are not offered in levels of proficiency.

Step 4
Applying an additional focus to the Profile will help to refine the aspect of leadership you are viewing. Drag a focus from a different lens to the Additional focus box to view highlighted leadership actions shared by the core focus and the selected additional focus.

Step 5
Reading down the Profile, consider your own leadership practice and reflect on where your practice is located within the Profile.

Step 6
Identify leadership actions that you would like to develop. Click on the coloured arrow of your selected leadership actions to view recommended tools and resources that may help this development.

Step 7
Click ‘Download Profile’ to print and save the Leadership Profiles.

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