Resources for leaders

School leaders are central in making sure that school-wide strategies, policies and initiatives are in place to support the inclusion of students with disability. The Disability Standards for Education (DSE) 2005 requires leaders to understand and meet their obligations, providing the necessary leadership to support teachers in creating a safe and inclusive school environment for students with disability.

AITSL has developed a suite of leadership guidance resources that provide a deep dive articulation of explicit leadership roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for middle leaders and principals with respect to inclusive education and adherence to the DSE. These resources align to the five Professional Practices of the Australian Professional Standard for Principals (Principal Standard) and consider practical elements of whole-of-school implementation so that leaders within schools can meet their obligations under the DSE.

disability standards for education

Leadership matrix for senior and middle leaders

Access examples of highly effective inclusive leadership responsibilities for middle and senior leaders.
disability standards for education

A school leader’s guide for inclusive practices within schools

Reference the ‘Guiding Values’ as an implementation framework for promoting inclusivity and equity in your school.
disability standards for education

Principal Standard elaborations

Gain an in-depth understanding of highly effective behaviours that leaders can implement in supporting students with disability within their school context.

DSE In the Classroom

AITSL’s DSE In the Classroom video series helps visualise the obligations of the DSE through the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers with access to discussion questions and supplementary resources to facilitate professional learning opportunities. Each series includes:

  • Full lesson footage showcasing teachers in action; aligned to Teacher Standard Focus Areas
  • Teacher audio commentary providing insights into lesson planning and implementation
  • Interviews with teachers and leaders discussing how they support students with disability in their school context
FOCUS AREAS: 1.5, 1.6, 3.5

Reasonable adjustments

Watch how Sarah provides an inclusive classroom setting, with the assistance of teacher aides in implementing reasonable adjustments to support the specific learning needs of students with disability.
FOCUS AREAS: 1.1, 1.6, 7.3

Transition for students with disability

Watch how learning diversity leaders and classroom teachers share experiences and reasonable adjustment strategies to support the student transition from primary to secondary school.
In The Classroom - Lesson Card - Springside
FOCUS AREAS: 1.5, 1.6, 4.1

Inclusive teaching practices

Watch how Claudia uses a range of inclusive teaching practices to support the participation and learning of a student with disability.

Illustration of Practice

In this secondary school setting, the deputy principal provides insights to their whole-school approach to inclusion, illustrating collaborative methods that empower teachers to share and build knowledge of how to best support the diverse learning needs of students with disability.

DSE resources for teachers

Support your teachers in providing accessible and inclusive learning environments for students with disability.