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Since 2011, the Australian Professional Standard for Principals (‘the Standard’) has provided a public statement setting out what school principals are expected to know, understand and do to succeed in their work. The Standard is an integrated model that recognises three Leadership Requirements that a principal draws upon, within five areas of Professional Practice.

The Leadership Profiles (‘the Profiles’) have since been developed and validated by the profession to describe each of the Leadership Requirements and Professional Practices in more detail.

The Profiles, developed directly from the Standard, are presented as a set of leadership actions that effective principals implement as they progress to higher levels of proficiency. Principals and aspiring principals can use the Profiles to help them grow and develop as school leaders.

The most effective leaders see learning as central to their professional lives. This document, the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and the Leadership Profiles, guides school leaders on their learning pathway. It will empower school leaders across the country to develop and support teaching that maximises impact on student learning.

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