We would not be able to do our work without the input of committed educators from across Australia. For example, the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers were developed with input from more than 6,000 educators. A genuine consultative approach is the basis for all our work.

AITSL has a strong connection with the teaching profession throughout Australia and we work closely with schools, systems, sectors, regulatory bodies, initial teacher education providers, teachers and school leaders to develop standards and to embed national initiatives that make a real difference to teaching.


Ongoing consultative groups

Some of our regular consultative groups include:

  • School Leadership and Teaching Expert Standing Committee - a group of 20 experts representing current classroom teachers, school leaders, teaching and school leadership professional associations, and systems and sectors.
  • Teacher Education Expert Standing Committee - comprised of experts from across universities and state and territory teacher regulatory bodies.
  • Professional Growth Network - includes nominated representatives from the government system and Catholic and Independent sectors in every state and territory, with a focus on supporting teacher growth and development. 
  • Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) Steering Group - nominated HALTs from every jurisdiction currently offering teacher certification, with a focus on priorities for the national HALT network. 

These groups provide practical advice and direction from practising experts. Initiatives discussed in these forums are often progressed to Education Council.


Work currently being developed through consultation

We are currently undertaking consultation for the following initiatives:

Want to be involved in future consultations?