Professional Learning Animation AITSL

Transcript – short version What makes great teachers or school leaders? Is it knowledge? ability to engage students? And what makes a great education system? Standards? Training? Facilities? Money? Well, anyone will tell you, ultimately, it’s about teachers. Good ones. It turns out that the best educators are the best learners. They can adapt to tomorrow’s contexts, technologies, languages. So the best school systems are those that recruit and nurture great learners. Professional standards are key and the best systems make sure that teachers and school leaders can become great as they progress through their profession. They understand that a system that is built on people must put people first. The evidence is really clear about what makes a vibrant learning culture in which individuals can thrive. There must be opportunities and commitment for learning in all parts of the system. There must be: diverse forms of support, learning communities, practitioner based research, experiential events, reflection, courses, lectures, peer feedback, shadowing including coaching and mentoring, and action. Making Australia’s education system the best in the world will require a collaborative effort. The way we think about professional learning and development must expand. Educators must have an open and curious mind. They have a responsibility to constantly push themselves to be the best they can be. School leaders have a responsibility to foster the ambition of their staff to grow and to nurture a learning culture. The whole education system must align its policies and structures to focus on this common goal. If we get this right, every young Australian will experience a quality education and the best opportunities in life. Find out more: