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Seymour College – Business Innovation

Teacher Standards Focus Areas: 1.5, 3.2, 5.1

Seymour College

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Seymour College

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Discussion questions

  1. How can you utilise differentiation to meet the specific learning needs of students with different abilities?
  2. What strategies does the teacher use to evaluate the success of the lesson and determine the focus for future lessons?
  3. How does the teacher support student participation throughout the lesson?
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Seymour College is an independent all-girls school that caters from early years to Year 12. The school is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Tom Porta, Head of Learning Support and the South Australian Certificate of Education, aimed to ensure teachers at Seymour College became confident in developing their knowledge and practical skills of differentiated instruction, particularly when catering to the needs of diverse learners.

This lesson focused on differentiated instruction within a Year 12 Business Innovation lesson. The school has a focus on ensuring their students are business and entrepreneurial minded, educating them about ways to start and transform businesses. This lesson was aimed at helping students to understand why businesses might decide they need a transformation, and how to ensure 'fit' between what a customer wants and what a business can deliver. 

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About the teacher’s use of differentiated instruction to improve student outcomes in an interview with the teacher.