Australian Teacher Workforce Data

Benefits of the ATWD

Benefits of the ATWD

The ATWD is building a complete picture of the national teaching workforce, providing new insights into the teaching profession, and identifying how we can better support our teachers.

A national picture of the teaching workforce

The ATWD will deliver comprehensive national teaching workforce data to unlock a deeper understanding of national and local workforce challenges and opportunities, including:

  • teachers' career experiences and employment characteristics
  • teacher career pathways and development
  • employment outcomes of Initial Teacher Education (ITE)
  • induction and early career experiences.

The unique knowledge gained from the ATWD will help identify long-term workforce trends and allow more effective responses to issues affecting the workforce so that all systems and sectors can strengthen the positive impact they have on student outcomes.

Insight into the characteristics and lifecycle of the Australian teacher

The ATWD will help us understand the teacher journey from entry into the profession to end of career. It will answer questions such as:

  • How many teacher graduates get jobs?
  • How many teachers do we have nationally and locally – what are they qualified to teach?
  • What are the gaps in qualifications and specialisations of the teaching pool?
  • What are trends in relation to out-of-field teaching, teaching loads and types of employment contracts?
  • How many teachers intend to retire or leave the profession – and what factors influence their decision to leave?
  • How effective is induction and early career support for new teachers?
  • What are the most effective pathways to leadership roles for teachers?

Find out what we’ve learnt already

Access reports and an interactive digital data dashboard.