Australian Teacher Workforce Data

Data security

Data security and privacy

Your privacy is protected and individual teachers cannot be identified. The ATWD complies with all Commonwealth, State and Territory privacy legislation.

Your privacy is our top priority

The ATWD will contain only de-identified data that will be used for reporting, analysis and research purposes. No personal information is included in the ATWD and individual teachers cannot be identified.

Two governing entities will be responsible for protecting your privacy

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), an accredited Commonwealth Data Integration Authority, has been appointed to manage the data collation, linkage, security and storage required to build the ATWD.

The AIHW is required by its legislation to ensure the highest standards of data security and privacy protection, and will ensure that ATWD data is de-identified, safe and secure. More information about the AIHW is available on their webpage.

A number of existing data sources are used to build the ATWD. These contain some personal information, but this will be used strictly for linking the data sets to build the ATWD. Any personal information will be removed and stored in a separate, secure, offline environment by the AIHW, it will not be included in the ATWD database.

The ATWD Oversight Board

The ATWD Oversight Board provides governance on all aspects of the ATWD. It is responsible for ensuring the strict privacy and security processes are adhered to, and ensuring that data is used solely for the purposes of understanding trends and gaps in the teacher workforce and ITE.

The Oversight Board has broad representation from across the education community:

  • Teacher regulatory authorities
  • Catholic and Independent sector
  • Australian Government Department of Education and Training
  • State and territory Education Departments
  • Initial Teacher Education providers
  • AITSL.


The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) is implementing the ATWD with the AIHW and the ATWD Oversight Board to ensure high quality data is provided in the interest of the national teaching workforce.