ATWD unit-record data

The ATWD will, under certain conditions, allow access to ATWD unit-record data for the purposes of complex statistical analysis and modelling that cannot be completed using data publicly available in the ATWD digital tools and publications.

Access to data is limited to ATWD Partners and Other Education Organisations listed in the application form.

If you would like to apply to be added to the list of Other Education Organisations, you can do this in section 1.2 of the application form.

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the ATWD Data Access and Reporting Protocols prior to making an application.

To apply for access to ATWD unit-record data, download and complete an application form.

Assessment and access

Applications will be assessed prior to consideration by the ATWD Oversight Board. Final approval rests with the ATWD Oversight Board.

Access to de-identified data for approved applications will be provided by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), which is the Commonwealth Integrating Authority for the ATWD. Data analysis can only be performed in AIHW’s Secure Environment for Analysing Data. All analysis outputs must maintain privacy and will be vetted by the AIHW.

Information regarding onboarding procedures for accessing the AIHW’s secure environment and costs will be provided to applicants by the AIHW following application approval.


Any queries can be directed to the ATWD project team via email to [email protected].

Resources to assist your application

  • ATWD Data Access and Reporting Protocols
  • Sample size guidance
    Workforce structure notes

    When your application includes a request for Australian Workforce Teacher Survey data sets, consider the guidance around sample size in the image above to assess whether there are sufficient records in the data set to conduct your project. All groupings within the image are sufficient for further segmentation at a national level, however at a state and territory level:

    • Those in colour can be segmented further in most states and territories
    • Those which are greyed out may have some limitations on further deep segmentation, and in some states and territories
    • Those which are white will typically be unable to be broken down further at a national-level.
  • Unit-record data set variable specifications (excel document)