Australia’s teacher workforce today

By exploring factors such as contract types, working hours, teacher and leader duties, and workforce pressures, this Spotlight provides valuable insights to support policymakers in school systems and sectors, school leaders, and educators in their decision-making processes, ultimately enhancing the quality of teaching and learning experiences in Australia. As we navigate the evolving landscape of education, it is essential to leverage data-driven approaches to drive positive change and strengthen the teaching profession for the benefit of both teachers and students.


Technological innovations in initial teacher education

This Spotlight describes virtual reality (VR) technologies that are being used and further developed to help prepare pre-service teachers for classroom teaching. A growing trend in Australia’s ITE space involves using VR-based simulations as classroom learning environments for pre-service teachers to practise teaching skills before real-world application.

High-Quality Professional Learning for Australian school teachers and school leaders

This Spotlight explores the professional learning landscape across Australia. AITSL conducted a four-week nationwide HQPL survey (commenced 14 November 2022), capturing first-hand professional learning experiences from 796 teachers and school leaders from all 3 sectors (Government, Independent & Catholic).