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Improving teacher professional learning 

Our high-quality professional learning cycle is a good place to start in planning your development for the year. Visit this page to download templates and read practical guides.

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High Quality Professional Learning Toolkit

For those who are ready to dive deeper into the professional learning cycle, use this online platform to create a professional learning plan that suits your needs within your educational setting.

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Professional learning guides

Access quick 5-minute guides on specific professional learning questions you might have – from using social media in professional learning to annotating to using inquiry cycles.

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Effective feedback practices can greatly improve student learning and teaching quality. This landing page has several evidence-based practical tools for you to use; including animations, case study videos and PDFs, and implementation guides.

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Teachers Supporting Teachers – Australia  

All Australian teachers are welcome to join this Facebook community to ask their peers for support and to share their own advice.

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Quality teaching modules

These interactive and self-directed modules guide you through the Teacher Standards, the effective approaches to professional development and how to apply essential elements within a development cycle. Work through at your own pace online or download to complete offline.

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Growth-focused evaluations 

Explore ways to support or strengthen growth-focused practices in your education setting through these research-informed factsheets and videos of practitioners. 

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Teacher self-assessment tool

Take a 30-min questionnaire to reveal valuable insights into your teaching practice. Receive free personalised feedback and tailored insights to support your professional growth.

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In the Classroom

Watch a full classroom lesson and then listen to the teacher give commentary on their practice. Reference discussion questions to facilitate professional learning with your colleagues and see what teaching strategies you can apply in your own classroom. 

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Classroom observation strategies

Observing classroom practice makes teaching and learning more visible. These instructional guides and videos will help you choose and implement classroom observation in your context. 

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Classroom practice continuum 

Download publications to help you improve classroom observation in your school.  

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Learning from practice workbooks

This interactive series is designed to guide your self-reflection, self-inquiry and professional discussion with colleagues. Use them while mentoring, supervising and leading.

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Develop leadership using both standards

A group of 6 teachers and leaders reflect on how they use both the Teacher Standards and Principal Standard in their work. Teachers interested in stepping into leadership can start here.

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Coaching resources

Whether you are looking to coach others or be coached, this landing page has a set of resources to support you. Download individually or get the whole set.

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Spotlight reports

AITSL’s Spotlight reports contain evidence-based insights and the latest educational research.

Scroll through the entire collection here, but we recommend teachers start with:

Resources for pre-service teachers

Still studying? We are here for you on your journey to registration.

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Prepare for practice landing page

Looking for accredited programs? Need to understand how registration works? Find induction guidelines? This page has everything pre-service teachers need for their next step.

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Illustrations of Practice

To see the Teacher Standards in action, click the icon next to each focus area. We have hundreds of video examples of effective teaching practice for you to learn from.

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Resources for early childhood teachers

While most of our resources are inclusive of early childhood teachers; this landing page has links to targeted early childhood teacher resources from not just us, but ACECQA, ECA, NIAA and AERO.

Resources for beginning teachers

If 2023 is your first year in the classroom, welcome! This resource is designed to support you in your transition to teaching.

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My Induction app

Your one-stop-shop for everything you need in your first year of teaching. Expert teacher advice, a milestones calendar, wellbeing quiz and resources to help you step into the classroom with confidence.

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Interested in certification?

Teachers who have been through the Highly Accomplished and Lead teacher (HALT) certification process say that it is one of the most valuable forms of professional learning you can undertake in your career.

Resources for current and aspiring leaders

Great leadership is key when it comes to improving education and maximising student outcomes.

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Principal Standard

The Australian Professional Standard for Principals provides a framework for what you should know, understand and do to succeed as a principal or leader. Many of our leadership resources are built on the Principal Standard, which aim to visibly connect to your educational setting.

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Leadership profiles

The Profiles describe the Principal Standard in more detail. They’re based on real insights from practising school leaders. Use them to reflect on and understand your leadership practice. This landing page has an interactive tool, downloadable PDFs and case study videos.

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Leadership reflection tool

Once you’ve built an understanding of the Principal Standard and the Leadership profiles, this tool will help you locate your leadership practice within the framework and identify your strengths and areas to focus on.

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360° Reflection Tool

Gather feedback on the leadership behaviours you exhibit in your daily practice, aligned to the Principal Standard. Please note that this tool requires payment to use.

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Leadership scenarios

New principal? Draw on real-life experiences to develop strategies for common challenges. Watch the videos, read the practical guides and explore the resources.

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Leading for impact

These videos provide insight into high-impact leadership across 4 Australian schools. Watch the principal’s message and then the case study to learn strategies you can use in your own school context. 

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Be inspired by great principals

Principals from a range of school settings share their experiences and some good advice in this series of videos.

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School leadership in rural and remote contexts

Are you a leader working in a rural or remote context? Explore ways to strengthen your leadership through these video case studies and information guide.

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Indigenous Cultural Responsiveness toolkit

The toolkit provides resources to support the cultural responsiveness of teachers and leaders to enhance their teaching practice.

To begin your professional learning, you might like to access the Indigenous cultural responsiveness self-reflection tool as a starting point, then explore the Indigenous cultural responsiveness continuum and Indigenous cultural responsiveness capability framework for more information.

Resources to help leaders develop staff

Encouraging professional growth in your education setting can improve outcomes for teachers and learners. These resources will help you get started.

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Build a professional growth culture

This landing page collects evidence-based strategies to help you build a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Learn about the Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders and the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework to build a base of understanding.

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Supporting beginning teachers

Beginning teachers are the future of our profession and that's why it's so important to get them started on the right foot. Find case studies, induction materials and research to help you support your beginning teachers in their new roles.

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Supporting casual relief teachers to learn

Did you know 75% of casual relief teachers usually work in the same setting regularly? This guide provides advice on how to support these teachers to access professional learning: for the benefit of the teachers and your learners

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Connecting early childhood teachers to high quality professional learning

Early childhood leaders can get practical advice on how to connect their teachers to high quality professional learning.

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Connecting rural, regional and remote teachers to high quality professional learning

Nearly a third of teachers are working in rural, regional and remote settings; but these teachers find it harder to access high quality professional learning. This practical guide has advice for leaders to help.

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