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Providers submitting full applications for accreditation will be required to complete four templates. Templates 1–4 and a worked sample of template 4 are now available.  

  • Template 1 - Coversheet  - captures program information and declaration
  • Template 2 - Program Standards Matrix  - captures a map of evidence against the Program Standards 
  • Template 3 - Graduate Standards Matrix - captures a map of evidence against the Graduate Teacher Standards
  • Template 4 - Plan for demonstrating impact - describes the performance and outcomes measures that will be collected, reported, and relied upon to demonstrate the impact of a program

Worked sample of template 4  - exemplifies one possible approach to completing template 4 and is designed to assist initial teacher education providers to fulfillthe requirements of Program Standard 6.

The templates should be read along with the 2015 Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs in Australia: Standards and Procedures and the Guidelines.State and Territory regulatory authorities remain the primary point of contact in relation to accreditation arrangements for specific programs.

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Template 1 - Application cover sheet


Template 2 - Program Standards Matrix


Template 3 - Graduate Standards Matrix


Template 4 - Plan for Demonstrating Impact


Worked sample - Template 4 - Plan for Demonstrating Impact