Registration Review Report

One Teaching Profession: Teacher Registration in Australia

In September 2017, Education Council agreed the Terms of Reference for a National Review of Teacher Registration, primarily focusing on how the 2011 National Framework for Teacher Registration has been implemented and the role of teacher registration as a driver for teacher quality. The Expert Panel was appointed to lead the Review. We consulted widely in each State and Territory in 2018.

A consistent theme in our consultations has been that teachers want to be considered part of one profession. Australian teachers and leaders, supported by sectors, employers and teacher regulatory authorities, are proud to be part of that profession. There is still scope to further strengthen teacher registration, building on the foundations of the current systems, within a federal model.

The Expert Panel has made 17 recommendations that seek to provide a way forward to achieve a stronger teaching profession and better outcomes for children and young people across Australia.

On behalf of the Expert Panel, I commend One Teaching Profession: Teacher Registration in Australia to you.


Expert Panel Chair, Chris Wardlaw PSM

What did the review find?

The Review found three key areas for further work.

Improving and reinforcing teacher quality

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers are well embedded in registration across Australia. Further opportunities exist to strengthen teacher registration across the teacher career life cycle; and extend registration to early childhood teachers.

Strengthening children’s safety

The Expert Panel found that the profession of teaching is strongly committed to advocating for and protecting children from harm. It is in the interest of teachers to ensure that only people who are safe, suitable, fit and proper are allowed to enter their profession. 

Streamlining teacher registration processes

Teacher mobility was a key theme in the Expert Panel’s consultations. Better processes in registration can allow teachers to move more easily between jurisdictions, and allow people with VET skills to teach.


Consultation on the National Review of Teacher Registration was undertaken between March and May 2018 and incorporated a variety of methods for collecting feedback from stakeholders across the country.

It commenced with a consultation paper that was publicly released on 27 March 2018. A total of 94 written submissions were received.

You can read the submissions here.

A nationwide consultation was conducted through forums and meetings during March, April and May 2018. The Panel held meetings in each jurisdiction and met with more than 140 key stakeholders including governments, the Catholic and Independent school sectors, the early childhood sector, teacher regulatory authorities, principals, teachers and parent organisations. 

There were 6, 756 responses to the online survey targeting teachers and leaders.

You can read the online survey results here.