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In consultation with key stakeholders, AITSL has developed written guidelines as a companion document to the Standards and Procedures for accreditation of initial teacher education programs.

The Guidelines for the accreditation of initial teacher education programs in Australia (Guidelines) articulate the evidence requirements of the Standards and Procedures to support the consistent interpretation and assessment of the accreditation standards. We expect the Guidelines to be used by providers preparing applications for accreditation, as well as by accreditation panels when assessing applications.

The June 2016 version of the Guidelines incorporates the following amendments to the earlier February 2016 edition: 

  • change of name from guidance material to guidelines
  • inclusion of flexibility and innovation principles
  • incorporation in Program Standard 1.1 of professional judgements specifically linked to Template 3
  • clarification regarding Standard 3 -  threshold entry scores and exemptions
  • further detail regarding processes for accreditation of multi-jurisdictional providers.

The current version of the Guidelines is intended to be used in 2016, and updated following the initial year of implementation, as necessary.

The Guidelines include the below templates and a glossary of key terms.