Stakeholder Survey results 2021 - long description

Who are our stakeholders?

2,592 stakeholders responded to the survey

64% School teachers

15% School leaders

14% Other influencers

5% Early childhood teachers

2% Pre-service teachers

Where do our stakeholders live?

67% City

31% Regional

2% Remote

81%of stakeholders work in a school or early childhood setting

School sector

17% Catholic

17% Independent School

66% Government School

School stage

5% Special education

6% Early Childhood

44% Secondary school

44% Primary school

Awareness of AITSL

86% of stakeholders were very of fairly familiar with AITSL

95% school leaders

93% pre service teachers

88% other influencers

87% ECT

84% teachers

Awareness of AITSL was also high across different locations

88% City

86% Regional

92% Remote


Engagement with AITSL

In the last 12 months, AITSL’s stakeholders engaged in various ways

89% visited the website

78%used AITSL tools or resources

82% read AITSL mail

27%More than a quarter of stakeholders had engaged with AITSL via social media




22% Twitter

Stakeholders were likely to engage with AITSL in the next 12 months

Effectiveness of AITSL

Pre-service teachers, school leaders and other influencers felt most satisfied with AITSL’s promotion of excellence in the profession.

Awareness of AITSL’s policies and standards was strong amongst stakeholders

98% were aware of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Awareness of other policies and standards was also high

AITSL’s tools and resources were rated highly by stakeholders

Stakeholders rated the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and theLeadership profiles and Leading for Impact highest in terms of their benefit to education in AustraliaTeacher-specific tools and resources

The Teacher Self-Assessment Tool had the highest rate of awareness and use among teachers (60%)

School leader-specific tools and resources

The 360° Reflection tool had the highest rate of awareness and use among school leaders (39%)