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2023 AITSL Stakeholder Survey live

Evidence, collaboration and consultation is at the heart of AITSL’s work to support and promote excellence in teaching and school leadership.

A key part of this is AITSL’s stakeholder survey.

The voice of the profession informs all the work AITSL does, so it’s vital that we have a strong representation of teachers, leaders, those who work in the education profession and those of you who are studying to become a teacher.

So, don't wait! Have your say and take the survey today. Your opinion matters, and we can't wait to hear from you!

The survey closes on 12 May 2023.


Stakeholder Survey Results 2021

Evidence, collaboration and consultation are at the heart of our work to support quality teaching and school leadership. Our 2021 stakeholder survey had over 2500 responses and uncovers the impact of our work.

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2021 stakeholder survey results