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ATWD Teacher Survey

After families, teachers are the number one influence on the learning lives of our children, so it’s important to ensure that teachers are properly supported throughout their careers. The Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) initiative will provide understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the profession so that we can provide this support. More about the ATWD

As teachers you can complete the ATWD Teacher Survey and be part of this national initiative

The ATWD Teacher Survey is the teacher voice in the ATWD. By completing the annual ATWD Teacher Survey, your experiences will be included in the national picture we are building of the teaching profession. The ATWD Teacher Survey will add to the data in the ATWD and provide greater insights into the career pathways and work experiences of teachers across Australia. This includes: 

  • the trends in relation to out-of-field teaching and teaching loads
  • how effective induction and early career support is for new teachers
  • the prevalence of contract employment
  • the retention rate of teachers in the first five years
  • how many teachers plan to stay in teaching, move into leadership or start another career.

Your participation is voluntary; however, your voice is very important. The more teachers we hear from, the more complete the overall national picture will be. The survey takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete. 

When you can complete the ATWD Teacher Survey

The ATWD Teacher Survey will be rolling out across the second half of 2020. If you're a registered teacher, you’ll be receiving a link to your ATWD Teacher Survey from your teacher regulatory authority. Details for each jurisdiction are shown below. 



Survey closed on 14 September. Thank you to the thousands of Queensland teachers who completed this year’s ATWD Teacher Survey.

New South Wales

Links to the ATWD Teacher Survey were emailed to accredited teachers by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority on Monday 17 August.

Western Australia

Registered teachers will receive an email from the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) in the near future.

This will have details of how to access the ATWD Teacher Survey in the TRBWA Online Service portal.

South Australia

Dates for the next survey are being finalised.

Australian Capital Territory

Dates for the next survey are being finalised.


Dates for the next survey are being finalised.


Dates for the next survey are being finalised.

Northern Territory 

Dates for the next survey are being finalised.

What if I can't find my survey link / email? 

If you’re unable to find your ATWD Teacher Survey link, please contact the AITSL ATWD team at [email protected]. Links to surveys are unique and can only be used once.

Your privacy is protected

The ATWD complies with all Commonwealth, state and territory privacy legislation. No personal information is included in the ATWD and individual teachers cannot be identified. All data, including the ATWD Teacher Survey data, will be de-identified by the AIHW before being incorporated into the ATWD. Find out more about data security & privacy.

Want to learn more? 

The ATWD Teacher Survey is just one part of the ATWD. Find out more about how the ATWD works and the benefits it will provide.

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De-identified data from the ATWD Teacher Survey will be added to registration data and initial teacher education data to provide a comprehensive picture of the Australian teaching workforce.