Australian Teacher Workforce Data

ATWD teacher survey

ATWD Teacher Survey

Teachers can help provide greater insight by completing the ATWD Teacher Survey.

Why is the ATWD Teacher Survey important?

The ATWD Teacher Survey is the teachers’ voice in the ATWD. The Teacher Survey will provide greater insight into our teachers' careers, and work experiences such as teaching loads, out-of-field teaching, contract employment and more. There is a particular focus on understanding the experiences and pathways of early career teachers.

Teachers' participation in the ATWD Teacher Survey is voluntary, but extremely important as it will ensure the data are consistent across all states and territories and help us build a stronger understanding of the needs of Australian teachers.

All data, including the Teacher Survey data, will be de-identified by the AIHW before being incorporated into the ATWD. Find out more about data security & privacy.


De-identified data from the ATWD Teacher Survey will be added to registration data and initial teacher education data to provide a comprehensive picture of the Australian teaching workforce.

How you can participate

We’ve partnered with the teacher regulatory authorities (TRAs) who will invite their registered teachers to complete the ATWD Teacher Survey annually. As TRAs will be joining the ATWD at different times, the opportunity to participate in the Teacher Survey will occur at different times throughout the year in different states and territories. You will receive an invitation to participate from your Regulatory Authority, either at registration renewal or by email.

Teachers will only be asked to provide the information that is not already collected by their regulatory authority and it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete the survey.

The ATWD Teacher Survey is just one part of the ATWD. Find out more about how the ATWD works and the benefits it will provide.