TOP In The Classroom

Observe experienced teacher Mr Butler’s primary literacy lesson focusing on Teacher Standards 1.1, 1.2 and 2.5. Observe a range of whole class and individual synthetic phonics and vocabulary strategies, and use the navigation points to jump to key points in the lesson.

TOP Spotlight

This Spotlight looks at the impact of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators, the unique value they bring to schools, and offers practical advice on team-teaching and how schools can be more inclusive.

TOP Good vs Bad Stress

Dr Jared Cooney Horvath gives a simple rundown on the brain science behind stress and how you, and your students, can keep it in check.

TOP Virtual school visits

Caring for clownfish, a dog therapy program, a school-based simulated workplace and bush cooking, are just some of the amazing ways these schools are engaging students in learning.

TOP Teaching EAL/D

Certified HALT Abby Saleh shares proven strategies for teaching EAL/D students. You can also learn more about National HALT Certification here.

TOP New HQPL guides

This year we published a number of quick practical guides for High Quality Professional Learning, including Identifying Professional Learning Needs, Team Teaching, Using Learner Data, Inquiry Cycles and Evaluating Impact.