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Australia celebrates World Teachers' Day 2020 Teaching

Friday 30 October


World Teachers’ Day in Australia is Friday 30 October

World Teachers’ Day is a day for you to celebrate and be proud.

This year, despite major challenges, you have made sure education continues across the country. It’s reinforced the significant role you play in the lives of children and students, their families and communities.

On World Teachers’ Day (30 October in Australia^), celebrate being part of a remarkable profession and its bright future by posting a photo in your sunglasses on social media, either on your own or with your colleagues. Use these tags on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn: #teachersday #brightfuture @aitsl

Parents/carers and the Australian community – we’d love you to get involved too! On Friday 30 October, post a photo in your sunglasses on social media, either on your own or with family or friends, to say a big thank you to teachers and celebrate the bright future of teaching. Use these tags on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn: #thankteachers #brightfuture @aitsl 

Our World Teachers’ Day fotoframe makes it easy! Grab your sunglasses, choose a frame and take a photo. Make sure you share your World Teachers’ Day photo on social media with the tags above.

^ World Teachers’ Day is held in early October internationally. As it falls during the school holidays for many parts of Australia, we celebrate a little later.

Downloadable content to help you celebrate

Whether you’re planning a World Teachers’ Day celebration or want to say thank you to teachers, our downloadable content will get you started. Scroll down to view everything available. You can download all the content as one zip file here. If you have suggestions for other downloadable content, please let us know.

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World Teachers’ Day 2020 logos and images (in various formats) to use on your designs or create your own posters!

Social media, website and newsletter content

Shareable content for your social media or website. If you’re sharing on social, be sure to tag @aitsl so we can repost. You can also follow AITSL on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and share our posts on your social media.

Written content

World Teachers’ Day poster

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World Teachers’ Day poster

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World Teachers’ Day poster

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Images (use these for Twitter and LinkedIn)

Images (use these for Facebook and Instagram)

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Print these posters and pin them up around your workplace as part of your World Teachers’ Day celebrations.

Gift tags

A small gesture can mean a lot - even a little chocolate goes a long way! These tags will give your gift a personal touch.

Thank you cards

Print out a card to decorate and add a personal message to thank a teacher on World Teachers’ Day.

Sunglass templates

Use these templates to create your own fun sunglasses to wear in your social media photo, or as an activity at home or in the classroom. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Print out your favourite template.

Step 2: Decorate or colour in your sunglasses.

Step 3: Attach the sunglass arms or a ruler/paddle pop stick (like a masquerade mask).

Step 4: Take a photo wearing your sunglasses on your own or with friends, family or colleagues.

Step 5: Post your photo on social media. Use these tags on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn:

- To celebrate teaching: #teachersday #brightfuture @aitsl

- To say thank you to teachers: #thankteachers #brightfuture @aitsl

Australia values teachers much more than they know

Check out our latest research Spotlight report, Teaching: A valued profession which reveals that the community values teachers much more than they know, and that feeling valued as a profession is integral to teachers having a positive attitude about their ability to influence student achievement.

Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo (@misterwootube) donning his sunglasses to celebrate the #brightfuture of the teaching profession and the positive impact teachers have on individuals, families and communities.