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The school has developed an agriculture program that culminates in an open agricultural show. The teacher in charge collaborates with parents on various aspects of the show, which offers opportunity to build relationships with them and to find out more about the interests of his students. This helps the teacher to build stronger relationships with the students, contributing to a strong sense of community and teamwork throughout the school. The teachers also hold meetings where they discuss how students are progressing, with additional understanding of those students’ contexts through the relationships with families.
A classroom teacher in the area of science uses the school farm to hold an agricultural show to display student achievement and build relationships with families. The agriculture enrolment is growing, with 58 students participating.
  • How can you utilise existing relationships with parents / carers to better support your students?
  • What kind of events might you engage your parent community in?
  • What strategies could you use to find out more about your students’ interests outside the classroom?
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