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Here, the graduate teacher outlines her plans for an English lesson about fairy tales and nursery rhymes. In teaching these, she uses language appropriate to her students’ language levels. She experiments with group work and technologies to deepen their understanding and to engage them in the learning. In a later reflection following the lesson, she expresses confidence in her choice of resources to support her teaching.
As part of a wider introduction to, and study of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, the graduate teacher deepens her students’ understanding of character and narrative through experiential learning. She divides the class into small groups, where each student must select a prop and be photographed for a ‘Who am I?’ puzzle. Each digital photo is displayed on the IWB during the class. The teacher reflects that the use of ICT increased student engagement and provides opportunities for the reuse of learning outputs at a later stage.
  • How have you used a range of resources to engage students in learning?
  • Why do you think it is important to plan for learning using a range of resources, including ICT?
  • What kinds of resources would you like to include in your future teaching?
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