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A grade 5 teacher who is also a numeracy leader at St Georges Rd Primary School, trials a 3D shape activity generated out of a collaborative professional learning network. The numeracy leaders from three schools work with a consultant to develop and trial maths lessons and activities relevant to their context. After trialing the activities in their own classrooms the numeracy leaders then support colleagues from the three schools to also implement the strategies. In this class the teacher supports the students to work within a 'zone of confusion', which affords them opportunity to address a series of challenging activities before he provides more instructional support.
St Georges Road Primary School services a culturally and linguistically diverse community. The educational program prioritises Literacy, Numeracy, learning to learn and ICT. As part of their drive to build strong, respectful partnerships within their community, the school has teamed up with two other local schools, Gowrie St Primary School and Wilmot Road Primary School, to establish a Professional Learning Community. The PLC provides a collaborative platform for the schools to access outside consultants and to plan and conduct professional learning that positively impacts teachers across each of the schools.
  • What strategies can you use to ensure that the benefits of professional learning undertaken by staff are shared with colleagues?
  • How could professional learning communities enhance the teaching and learning in your school context?
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