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An assistant principal, who is also a teacher at her school, plans and delivers a half-day professional learning program to her colleagues. She delivers training to small groups of teachers using a nationally approved and developed ICT toolkit. In delivering professional learning to others, especially that involving ICT, she places emphasis on the importance of her own knowledge, competence and experience in using the range of content, pedagogies and tools included in the resource before demonstrating its use.
St Saviour’s Primary School in Toowoomba, Queensland caters for over 400 students from Prep to year 7. In 2012, the school participated in a trial of a nationally-developed ICT toolkit for everyday learning. The toolkit addressed the relationship between curriculum content, pedagogies and collaborative tools. Teachers at the school had varying degrees of competence and confidence in the use of ICT so professional learning was required in order to develop these attributes.
  • In what areas do you need to develop confidence or competence in the use of ICT for learning?
  • Which ICT resources or tools have you found most useful for engaging students in their learning?
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