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A teacher in her second year of teaching delivers a presentation to members of the school’s leadership team on the educational philosophies that inform her practice and her objectives for teaching in the coming year. She describes her goals that include promoting student ownership over their learning, making them active participants in the development of curriculum, and preparing her year 4 students for transition to year 5. Following the presentation, the teacher has an opportunity to gain feedback from a member of the team to which she had made her presentation.
Wooranna Park Primary School has a long history of collegial professional learning based on the principles of Reggio Emilia. In practical terms this includes teachers teaching in teams and sharing clear complementary roles and responsibilities for the students’ learning. Pre-service teachers are offered places as interns and are treated as members of staff, expected to learn from and contribute to a dynamic professional learning culture. The teacher began her teaching at the school as an intern and is committed to the values espoused by the school.
  • What opportunities have you taken to contribute to or initiate collegial discussions aimed at improving practice and student learning outcomes?
  • How have you adapted your practice based on constructive feedback from colleagues?
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