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This teacher has developed a Basketball Carnival to help her students with disability experience high achievement. Though she initiated the program, the teacher supports students in taking responsibility for much of the work that goes into running the carnival. Students run the canteen and monitor its profits; and learn the scoring system, and teach others how to use it. Both literacy and numeracy are embedded in the students’ activities surrounding the carnival, in addition to the physical education benefits.
Salisbury High School is committed towards supporting students with disabilities to achieve success through the curriculum. The school offers both Special classes and Unit classes to provide support and learning opportunities for students with disabilities. Each student accesses different learning areas within the school curriculum, modified to suit the individual needs of each student within the class. The focus within this class is developing post-school options.  The Basketball Carnival is a largely self-directed learning activity for students with disabilities.
  • How can you embed literacy and numeracy outside of traditional classroom settings?
  • What strategies can you use to support students with disability in achieving their full potential?
  • What kinds of activities might you use to teach literacy and numeracy by “stealth” to struggling students?
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