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A teacher trials a lesson before a group of fellow teachers. The lesson focuses on literacy strategies that can be used with prospective university students who may need assistance in deconstructing complex and unfamiliar texts. The strategy used is a 'SQ3R' method – Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review – which is designed to assist analysis and comprehension of texts. Following the trial lesson, the teacher analyses the teaching methodology he has used and identifies areas that he believes would have improved the learning outcomes.
Simulations can allow teachers to trial curriculum content and teaching strategies in non-threatening scenarios. In this instance, the teacher has knowledge of the curriculum content: a literacy strategy that assists students to decode and deconstruct complex and unfamiliar texts. Knowledge of content is only the first step, as it also needs to be supported by effective teaching and learning. Following the simulated lesson, he acknowledges that he needs to more actively control the learning in order to make the content work through more effective teaching strategies. Introduction to University Culture is a course designed and taught by qualified teachers as part of the University Preparatory Program. It offers several topics to help students build the skills they will need for university study.
  • What strategies would you teach to analyse and interpret unfamiliar texts?
  • How would you engage students in a discussion on critical reading?
  • What methods do you use to encourage students to interact with each other in the classroom?
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