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A teacher uses a range of activities that support individual participation and that enables a productive learning environment. In a mathematics lesson on Number, he attempts to cater for different learner needs by using games and movement. He chooses to place the students into mixed-ability groups enabling them to learn from each other. He also encourages his students to explore questions and test hypotheses, promoting deeper engagement with the content and core concepts of the learning area.
Hackham East Primary is a co-educational Government school located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. The primary school has a strong teaching focus on well-being, literacy, numeracy, and science and information technologies. Within his year 2/3 class within the boys only stream within the school, the teacher aims to build a learning environment where students can develop responsibility for their own learning and support that of their peers.
  • How can you accommodate variations in learning strengths and levels of confidence when planning a lesson?
  • What strategies do you use to develop an inclusive and productive learning environment?