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Following a professional learning activity on the use of spatial technologies, a teacher discusses the ways in which these might be applied in her year 10 classroom. The teacher reflects on the usefulness of the tools to which she has been introduced, and how the training has given her ideas for teaching in an area in which she has previously lacked confidence. The teacher particularly endorses the kind of professional learning she has received, which is collegiate, that is teaching focused, and which introduces her to new ideas yet allows her time to practice her skills.
The activity attended by the teacher was designed to support professional understanding about how the Australian Curriculum for Geography could incorporate the use of ICT, particularly the use of spatial technologies. The exchange of ideas during the session helped teachers clarify their understanding of geographical concepts and provided them with ideas about the wider application of spatial technologies.
  • What professional learning have you undertaken that is focused on addressing the needs of particular student cohorts?
  • How do you identify areas where you require further professional learning?
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