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Here a graduate teacher provides clear learning goals, lesson overviews and clear directions for her students. Sound routines have been established so that prior to the start of the formal school day, students enter the class and practice literacy and numeracy exercises. This routine promotes engagement from the very beginning of the school day. The lesson is divided into whole group 'mat sessions' along with smaller group and individual activities. In addition to providing clear goals, a lesson overview and directions, the graduate teacher also provides positive encouragement to learners. She is able to discuss the rationale for her classroom management choices with her supervisor.
Harvey Primary School is located in the rural south-west of Western Australia. The graduate teacher's approach to classroom management is within the context of a whole school approach to the teaching of  'Virtues', which the school has been teaching for seven years. These include trust, mutual respect and acceptance of responsibility, values that are reinforced through English language lessons such as that which the graduate teacher presents on 'Questions'. The use of consistent classroom management techniques allows the teacher to engage all students in the learning.
  • What routines do you have in place to promote engagement and a positive learning environment?
  • What routines have you established to support students taking greater self-responsibility so you can focus on teaching and learning?
  • As someone in the early stage of your career, how do you go about building a repertoire of routines to promote effective classroom activities?
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