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An assistant principal, who is also a teacher at her school, describes the leadership role she has adopted within the local and wider community. Her leadership within her own school has enabled it to successfully participate in a national information and communication technology project. She describes to others how ICT can be embedded in the curriculum by making presentations at diocesan in-service sessions and at a statewide symposium. This has led to the development of informal regional networks where the school’s and the teacher’s leadership experience can be shared. She has also facilitated workshops for children.
St Saviour’s Primary School in Toowoomba, Queensland caters for over 400 students from Prep to year 7. In 2012, the school participated in a trial of a nationally developed ICT toolkit for everyday learning. The school’s success within the trial led to it becoming a model for other schools in the region that want to embed ICT into the curriculum. The assistant principal’s leadership role and the professional learning models that she developed and implemented have contributed to the development of networks where the school’s experiences can be shared with others.
  • What professional learning networks and/or communities have you accessed to support your professional learning interests?
  • What are some of the ways that schools and or communities can establish networks to advance a curriculum priority?
  • How useful have you found the experiences of exemplar schools in providing you with ideas for improving teaching and learning?
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