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In this year 9 class, the teacher assists students to explore the requirements and skills necessary to achieve success in a job interview. He establishes clear classroom goals at the beginning of the lesson and uses group learning and thinking strategies to ensure that students are engaged in their learning. A group learning strategy allows the teacher to interact with groups and individuals.
Our Lady of Mercy College is a Catholic school for girls in the inner northern metropolitan area of Melbourne. It has a school population of approximately 1,100 students in years 7–12. Based on research findings, the school identified the need to offer an alternative learning program at year 9. An important aspect of the program is the opportunity for students to have rich learning experiences beyond the classroom and in the community. The program targets eight key areas that prepare students for the senior school years as well as life beyond school.
  • What strategies do you use to ensure learning goals are achievable yet challenging for students?
  • How do you ensure learning is meaningful and relevant to a particular cohort of students?
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